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International Trade Marks (Madrid System)

By filing a single trade mark application, it is possible to get protection in all the contracting parties of the Madrid System. The Madrid System is managed by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

To be able to use this route to protect your trade mark internationally, you must be a national, domiciled or put simply, have a business in one of the contracting parties.

The Contracting parties are made up of most countries around the world and are up to 125 in number. 

Another important requirement is that you must have a base trademark application or registration in one of the countries that are contracting parties. For example, a UK national who has a UK trade mark application or registration can use the application/registration as the base mark to proceed to file an international application at the UK Trade Mark Office (UKIPO). The UKIPO will thereafter forward the application to WIPO for formal examinations. After the formal examinations, WIPO sends the application to all the contracting parties that were designated at the time of filing the application.

For foreign nationals who have designated the UK in an international registration, we can assist with responding to Provisional Refusals.

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