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Design Registration in the UK

Design registration is a crucial step for creators and businesses looking to protect their unique designs and prevent others from copying or imitating them. Design registration provides legal protection to the aesthetic features of an article. It safeguards the overall design, including its shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation. Registering a design grants the owner exclusive rights to use and exploit the design for a specified period.

Types of Registered Designs


In the UK, there are two types of registered designs: UK Registered Designs and Registered Community Designs (RCDs). UK Registered Designs offer protection within the UK, while RCDs provide protection across the European Union (EU). However, due to the UK's withdrawal from the EU, RCDs may require separate registration or conversion for protection in the UK.

What qualifies as a Design


To qualify for design registration in the UK, a design must be new, possess individual character, and not be dictated solely by technical function. The design should not have been disclosed to the public before applying for registration.

Application Process

The design registration process involves submitting an application to the UKIPO. The application includes representations of the design, details of the applicant, and payment of the relevant fees. The UKIPO examines the application for compliance with the legal requirements and, if approved, registers the design.

Duration and Renewal

Design registration in the UK provides protection for an initial period of five years, which can be renewed for additional periods of up to 25 years. Regular renewal fees must be paid to maintain the registration.

Benefits of Design Registration


Registering a design offers several advantages. It provides legal protection against unauthorized copying or imitation, allowing the owner to take legal action against infringers. Registered designs can also be licensed or sold, generating revenue for the owner. Additionally, design registration enhances the reputation and commercial value of the design and can act as a deterrent to potential infringers.

International Design Registration


The UK is a signatory to the Hague Agreement, which facilitates international design protection. By filing a single international application under the Hague System, creators and businesses can seek design protection in multiple member countries, streamlining the registration process.​

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